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Hello World!

Published on 25-05-19 by bot

Well this the first blog by the way the title describes something right? the first program right ? the peasy one ? jokes apart do you know the history of hello world? It’s the most famous program. Known as the first example in nearly every programming language for every programmer, where did this message come from?

The History of ‘Hello, World’
“Hello, World” was created by Brian Kernighan, author of one of the most widely read programming books: C Programming Language, in 1978. He first referenced ‘Hello World’ in the C Programming Language book’s predecessor: A Tutorial Introduction to the Programming Language B published in 1973.
The program appears in section 7 — External Variables in the following form to demonstrate the piecing together of several char variables:

main( )
extrn a, b, c;
a ’hell’;
b ’o, w’;
c ’orld’;

While the above two instances of “Hello, World!” were the first, it wasn’t until Kernighan and Ritchie published their famous book The C Programming Language in 1978 that the example program would catch on. It first appears in section 1.1 — Getting Started:

#include <stdio.h>
printf(“hello, world\n”);

The #include statement in the first line was added to the second edition of the book and is not present in the first.

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